Freight Division

Road - Leading the Way All our Road Freight Products offer premium quality road transportation, from customary services such as Less-than-Truck Load and Full-Truck Load to highly specialized shipments. We provide safe and cost effective on land transport services which warrants flexibility to cope up with the customer deadline and demands. Our core strength lies in our huge fleet base and operational capabilities to meet the ever changing customer requirements. Maximizing the use of technology and following proficient processes add supplementary strength to the division. 

Air- Upward Trend MRC operates in all major national routes offering a wide range of highly flexible services which enables choice of delivery speed as per the criticality of the shipment. We combine our experience along with our strong network to deliver the shipments on time with utmost care with customer first approach.

Rail- Setting up a Steady Platform Across India, our Rail Freight products offer safe, dependable and reliable freight transportation through rail system. MRC offers Rail Freight Forwarding services including orthodox transportation in covered or open wagons rail transport system. In line with the Indian Railways, these services include consolidation of loads from multiple customers to ensure cost effectiveness.