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Are you thinking of an innovative, structured, resourceful and dependable source of holistic logistic solutions? Then stop looking for options. Today, MRC is one of India's largest most systematized Logistics Service Providers. Over the years we have evolved to become an integral part of our customer's supply chain. 




Today the world is shrinking day by day with advancement of technology in Transportation & Logistics. Also information technology acts as a major enabler for productivity, growth and competitive advantage. We at MRC have a clear vision, strong planning and technical insight into the IT'S capabilities to ensure that we maximize its potential for better supply chain management, transportation and ultimately improve competitiveness.

Satellite Tracking

Satellite Tracking enables the central computer tracking center to constantly monitor the position of consignments & vehicles in real time automatically.

RFID Technology

It has become a revolutionary element as information gathered with RFID leads to significant improvements as tracking & handling the products can be done in real-time and with great accuracy.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is one business solution that MRC uses extensively because it drives down cost and  delivers increased operational efficiency, productivity, agility and flexibility.

Control Tower operation

Control Tower operations allow MRC to gain complete visibility into all India asset movement, resulting in greater flexibility and control.