Supply Chain Division

Supply Chain Management is a very complex web which encompasses everything from Suppliers, service providers, engineering, production, logistics, customers & more through a plethora of interlinked operations.  

At most times it can seem extremely daunting to synchronize all the links of the supply chain. Every handoff, if not managed well, can create problems with cascading effects. Non Value-Adding Activities (NVAA’s) start piling up and costs and resources start spiralling out of control.

Where is my stock? Why is material not fed to the production line on time? Why is the productivity down? Do I really need to maintain so much inventory? Why do we have BOM shortages? Why am I spending so much time managing low value “C” & “B” Class Vendors? Why is my cost of returnable & reusable packing so high, who is managing it? Why don’t I have better inventory management practices – binning, identification, traceability, rejections management, 5S, timely updating of SAP etc.

These are some of the major questions to which outsourcing is the answer which most organizations prefer to adopt, and rightly so. But, who to outsource it to?

At MRC we feel, simplification, discipline, timely information flow & proactive interventions are the answers to most of the above problems.

MRC adopts the approach of “Value Stream Mapping” to map out optimally designed process through a proper data study, while eliminating NVAA’s and ensuring a lean and highly efficient operational set up.

With years of proven expertise in Man Management, Solutions, Process mapping and deployment, Committed team of trained operation managers, backed by a great management team and strong financials, MRC has emerged as a perfect SCM partner.

Be it Inbound management, purchase management, In-plant services, Sub Assembly and contract manufacturing services, outbound logistics, externally managed warehouses, Management of Yards etc... MRC can be a one stop shop & can cater to all the requirements with ease.