Mahle Behr, Pune

Mahle Behr India Pvt Ltd. (MBIPL), Chakan, Pune

MBIPL is a one of the key Automobile Component suppliers to Majority of OEM’s in Automobile Industry. Cooling System in Automobile is produced at Chakan, Pune.?

To meet the ever increasing demands of the market and of the customers, MBIPL needed to ensure timely
Production and on time fulfillment of orders. One of the major concern areas was that of transparent information system for pick up and deliveries to OEM’s, where JIT is the crux?

MRC Logistics - Express Division took over the transportation management of. In a short span of a 10 days time, MRC Express deployed technology, which helped for all agglomerated services in Transportation leg.
From Docket Generation to Tracking and Delivery, information made available to all the stakeholders.
Information about the pre - pickup activity was aligned with orders of MBIPL. Vehicle detention at the OEM’s place was brought to notice with the help of MRC -Express Division implemented Auto MIS, message alerts system to keep all concern stakeholders informed on transportation activities on pro-active basis. Because of transparent and reliable information due to unnecessary communications and confusion by and between Customer, OEM and service providers was substantially reduced, which ultimately helped to all concern to focus on core activities. Resources like, vehicle utilization and manpower utilization, were optimized due to various MIS reports used as DSS tool, which helped to optimize resources.

Being optimization is on going process, better results will be delivered by further usage of technology in transportation activity.

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